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RivelinCo Saturday Christmas Event

Saturday, 2nd December | 11am - 4pm

Join us for a magical Christmas event in Hillsborough Park that is sure to fill you with holiday cheer! Our event features a festive makers market starting from 11am until 4pm, where you can browse and shop for unique gifts created by talented local artists and crafters. From handmade jewlery and ceramics to beautifully crafted home decor and artwork, you'll find the perfect present for your loved ones.

But that's not all! We are also excited to introduce the Bradbury Makers' Shed open from 12 - 3pm, a special area where skilled volunteers will be available to help service and fix clothing, small electricals, and bikes. Whether you need a button sewn back on, a toaster repaired, or your bicycle tuned up, our dedicated volunteers will be there to lend a helping hand.


For those looking to get creative, we have craft activities happening between 12 - 3pm. Bring your family and friends and let your imagination run wild as you create beautiful and personalised Christmas crafts.


So mark your calendars and join us for a day of festive fun, shopping, crafting, and community spirit in Hillsborough Park. This Christmas event is the perfect opportunity to support local artists and crafters, get your belongings fixed, and immerse yourself in the joy and creativity of the holiday season. Don't miss out on this magical celebration!

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